What would your life look like if you stopped doing what was expected and started making decisions based on what you really want?

We are fully qualified Co-Active coaches committed to transformational work. You will explore your core values and align future decisions to help you find long term fulfillment.

“My life has benefited considerably from coaching, with dramatic and positive effects.  I was at a turning point and through coaching I have been able to have the confidence and ability to change my life for the better.   My husband cannot believe the change in me over such a short period of time.  He is pleased to see that I have returned, but this time with more passion to fight for what I believe in.”

Senior Marketing Director, Publishing

“I cannot speak more highly about my coaching experience, improving my mind-set, stress levels and emotional wellbeing.”

Senior Manager, Public Sector

“As a result of coaching I have found the courage to find my voice again, stand up for what I believe in, and remember to the things that have made me successful in the past. I am very positive about the future and that I can absolutely achieve my goals. I feel unstoppable.”

Senior Director, Public Services

“I had my first coaching session with Gareth today. Gareth totally ticked all the right boxes to eliminate and understand the underlying issues some people carry with them on a day to day basis… the tools he used, the visualisation was amazing and he totally got me to where I was meant to be, absolutely wonderful. By the end of our session…all that fuzziness I had in my head disappeared. I cannot wait for my next session.”

Entrepreneur, Not for Profit