Providing your people with access to coaching communicates that you value them and enables support to start and sustain behavioural change. The process is collaborative between you, your people and us.

“Gareth convinced me that I have a massive skill set and I do a good job. My self-doubts evaporated. I think Gareth’s greatest skill is his absolute belief and conviction that you can and will change things. He’s very intuitive and he sets the bar high for you because he absolutely wants the best for you. Thank you.”

Senior Manager, European Parliament

“I decided to look at all of the tasks in my team, with the team, and agree who is best placed to own them going forward. It led to a discussion of how we should organise ourselves better for next year and was incredibly motivating for all… I have regained myself circa 7 days a month!”

Supply Chain Manager, FMCG

“I feel that coaching gave me time to consider my main professional goals and then helped me to target my approach to achieve them… I have been more direct and confident in my approach.”

Acting Inspector, Police

“Coaching really helped with my confidence and gave me a different perspective on a number of areas of my performance. It also helped me to distil some medium and longer term career goals. I have taken up a new role and had the confidence to go for the new challenge I was seeking.”

Detective Sergeant, Police

“I have a massively improved career direction and have plans to help set challenging targets to aid my progression. I have increased confidence in my ability to achieve and to lead, which will help me progress professionally and personally. My personal life has been enriched, seeing more of my friends. Improved work life balance – I understand it’s OK to go home!”

Head of Risk, Financial Services

“I have personally benefited from coaching with an increased self-awareness, a better understanding of how I interact and can manage conflict with others, and have been motivated to take tangible action through this process.”

Senior Project Manager, Pharmaceuticals

“I found the coaching sessions extremely valuable. I had a specific area I wanted to develop and the coaching sessions provided me with a safe environment to further explore this area and reflect on why development was required here. I realised things about myself that I would never have considered if I did not receive coaching, and it really helped me build my confidence and try new techniques and skills to overcome my reluctance to say ‘No’. The new techniques recommended to me by my coach were practical and easy to apply. They were beneficial to both my work life and personal life and have been invaluable to me today. I feel more confident and can see within myself that I have become a more assertive individual as a result of the coaching sessions I attended. Overall I was extremely pleased with the coaching sessions I received and can see that they have helped me develop significantly.”

HR Generalist, Financial Services