We help individuals, teams, and organizations develop courage.

We believe truly courageous leaders are willing to sit with the discomfort needed to challenge the status quo, not know the answers, and are brave enough to get back up when they fail. Skills based training may have its place, but behavioural change is transformational.

Your people don’t need more knowledge as much as they need meaningful connection. The most productive and creative teams are those made up of trusted, supported and appreciated individuals.

We develop people to:

  • Stay brave and facilitate tough conversations
  • Build trust in their teams
  • Take more smart risks and share bold ideas
  • Extend generous assumptions to others, fostering accountability rather than blame
  • Lead through uncertainty
  • Put values into observable practice
  • Inspire and develop courage in others

We work with you to design programmes that align with your values and those of your staff to unlock potential at every level.

Courageous leadership is associated with improved performance and wellbeing:

In the Fortune100 Best Companies to Work for, research shows that trust between managers and employees is the primary defining characteristic of the very best workplaces. These companies “beat the average annualized returns of the S&P 500 by a factor of three.” – Great Place to Work

“If learning leaders focus more effort and resources on building the soft skills required for leadership, the payoff can be significant. Organizations demonstrated an average return on investment of $4,000 for every $1,100 spent developing soft skills.” – Developmental Dimensions International

“When something happens at work—some workday event—it immediately triggers cognitive, emotional, and motivational processes. People’s minds start ‘sense making’: They try to figure out why the event happened and what its implications are. Depending on what happens with these cognitive and emotional processes, motivation can shift, which, in turn, affects how people perform their work. Clearly, inner work life matters to performance — how creatively people will think, how much commitment they will show to their work, how collegial they will be, how productive they will be.”- Harvard Business Review

Can you afford not to develop your people to be bolder?