Workshop feedback:

 “I have taken many courses, several of which have been really helpful as much as the Daring Way. The depth of the programme was simply unprecedented in comparison to any development training I’ve had.”

“This is the most amazing program I have ever undertaken, and I really mean that. I have learnt and experienced so much. I have also connected in a deep and meaningful way with people that I would have never thought possible. I have sought their help and support, and this is something that I never would have previously done.”

 “This programme has been life-changing for me…I feel stronger, wiser and more self-aware, which has allowed me to be of better support to others as well as more resilient in myself.”

“It has given me the confidence to have those difficult conversations and helped by providing terminology/tools that cannot be disputed around feelings, observations and the story that I make up as part of that.”

“It has helped me reconnect with my ambitions and goals in a way which has been very much needed, but also very refreshing.”

“The program has had a huge impact by enabling me to spend time focussing on me, which is really rare, and really starting to unpick what makes me tick, why I may behave, think and feel as I do.”

“I know of no other course I have taken here or elsewhere that has supplied such lasting and far reaching benefits.”

“Very thought provoking, challenging and has given me time and opportunity to reflect.”

“This is really unlike anything else – it’s a mix of training and skilling but also developing yourself, knowing yourself and impact on others. Definitely an element of compassion in this programme too.”

“This experience has been rather unique in that the effect of the program will be far reaching and has stayed with me for longer than others.”

“My company has gained a more motivated and inspired version of me.”

“If you want to feel more inspired and confident about yourself, then this course is for you and you will leave with a great sense of trust amongst your colleagues.”

“As a genuine cynic I was genuinely surprised at the interaction of the group and my part I could play in the session.”

“I was nervous about stepping into the arena but now I’m not.”

“I have learnt a lot about myself and the changes I want to make. I have the courage to follow through now.”

“TMS has gained a more confident and certain individual who is empowered to make positive changes through showing others what’s possible through embracing who you are.”

“I have gained my self confidence back.”

“Thank you for being brave and offering this research and course to the world – it has honestly changed my thinking and my life.”

“I’m now willing to be more brave and show my vulnerability in the workplace.”

“Thank you for an enlightening and rewarding experience that I’ll never forget”

“Very thought provoking, challenging and has given me the opportunity to reflect.”

“It is one of the best things you could participate in, as long as you are open to bring and share your whole self.”

“I’ve gained a reminder that I am brave, and already a leader but I must do more. I feel exhilarated and excited and not alone at work for the first time in ages.”

“I’ve been trained in everything you can name / assessed on every management tool, and honestly you two are on a different level! I’m excited and inspired.”

“My life has benefited considerably from coaching, with dramatic and positive effects.  I was at a turning point and through coaching I have been able to have the confidence and ability to change my life for the better.   My husband cannot believe the change in me over such a short period of time.  He is pleased to see that I have returned, but this time with more passion to fight for what I believe in.”

Senior Marketing Director, Publishing

“Thank you for the partnership this year, we are incredibly privileged to have found you and to be partnering with you with such honesty and I have to say humanness; I can see first-hand the impact of your work on my own team, and the wider business. You have made a real difference to our people.”

HR Director, The Marketing Store

“I cannot speak more highly about my coaching experience, improving my mind-set, stress levels and emotional wellbeing.”

Senior Manager, Public Sector

“As a result of coaching I have found the courage to find my voice again, stand up for what I believe in, and remember to the things that have made me successful in the past. I am very positive about the future and that I can absolutely achieve my goals. I feel unstoppable.”

Senior Director, Public Services

“Gareth convinced me that I have a massive skill set and I do a good job. My self-doubts evaporated. I think Gareth’s greatest skill is his absolute belief and conviction that you can and will change things. He’s very intuitive and he sets the bar high for you because he absolutely wants the best for you. Thank you.”

Senior Manager, European Parliament

“I decided to look at all of the tasks in my team, with the team, and agree who is best placed to own them going forward. It led to a discussion of how we should organise ourselves better for next year and was incredibly motivating for all… I have regained myself circa 7 days a month!”

Supply Chain Manager, FMCG

“I had my first coaching session with Gareth today. Gareth totally ticked all the right boxes to eliminate and understand the underlying issues some people carry with them on a day to day basis… the tools he used, the visualisation was amazing and he totally got me to where I was meant to be, absolutely wonderful. By the end of our session…all that fuzziness I had in my head disappeared. I cannot wait for my next session.”

Entrepreneur, Not for Profit

“I feel that coaching gave me time to consider my main professional goals and then helped me to target my approach to achieve them… I have been more direct and confident in my approach.”

Acting Inspector, Police

“Coaching really helped with my confidence and gave me a different perspective on a number of areas of my performance. It also helped me to distil some medium and longer term career goals. I have taken up a new role and had the confidence to go for the new challenge I was seeking.”

Detective Sergeant, Police

“I have a massively improved career direction and have plans to help set challenging targets to aid my progression. I have increased confidence in my ability to achieve and to lead, which will help me progress professionally and personally. My personal life has been enriched, seeing more of my friends. Improved work life balance – I understand it’s OK to go home!”

Head of Risk, Financial Services

“I have personally benefited from coaching with an increased self-awareness, a better understanding of how I interact and can manage conflict with others, and have been motivated to take tangible action through this process.”

Senior Project Manager, Pharmaceuticals

“I found the coaching sessions extremely valuable. I had a specific area I wanted to develop and the coaching sessions provided me with a safe environment to further explore this area and reflect on why development was required here. I realised things about myself that I would never have considered if I did not receive coaching, and it really helped me build my confidence and try new techniques and skills to overcome my reluctance to say ‘No’. The new techniques recommended to me by my coach were practical and easy to apply. They were beneficial to both my work life and personal life and have been invaluable to me today. I feel more confident and can see within myself that I have become a more assertive individual as a result of the coaching sessions I attended. Overall I was extremely pleased with the coaching sessions I received and can see that they have helped me develop significantly.”

HR Generalist, Financial Services

“Enjoyed the course, excellent trainers.”

“Really good course, think it would benefit a lot of my staff.”

“Great workshop! Really useful! Thank you.”

“Was a good stock take in my current willingness to have challenging courageous conversations with my leadership team and up to board levels. It gave me a different perspective and structure for communicating in difficult situations.”

Chief Risk Officer, Financial Services

 “I very much appreciated your engagement throughout the whole process, from set-up phase to facilitation and wrap-up. The methods you used for facilitation as well as your open and positive attitude helped to create the trust and openness we needed for the workshop, and kept everyone on board, even more “difficult” characters! You were very attentive to details as well as emotions / feelings within the group and took them into consideration where necessary. I really enjoyed working with you and your approach to the team workshop as a whole, and look forward to the follow up!”

Chief Operations Officer, Financial Services

“You facilitated this very well, taking feedback from the current team on board and were able to shape the day to develop the team spirit between the existing risk team and our new colleagues from Compliance. Following the away day the Risk and Compliance teams now operate as a single team. I know this is not all down to you, but the away day was a good kick off point.”

Senior Compliance Manager, Financial Services

“Excellent synergy between the facilitators, very good time management. Warm, caring and thought provoking workshop.”

“Absolutely do it, it will help you in every area of your life.”