The life of a professional footballer is one of uncertainty. A change of club, contract or status will affect more than just you; the impact can be felt on your partner, your children or wider friends and family. Change can leave you and them feeling vulnerable, and it’s often all too easy to avoid those difficult conversations, trying to play the strong, silent hero and carrying the weight of it all yourself.

To our clients, we represent a means of confidential and discrete support dedicated entirely to their wellbeing and as appropriate, that of their family. Unlike family members, we can offer support that’s not clouded by emotion, and unlike agents, as our fees are paid upfront we have no incentive to encourage players’ decision making based on financial gain.

Our focus is purely on what’s best for the player, and that looks different for every single person. Our role is to provide support, challenge and accountability to players and their partners, through an unbiased, discreet and confidential approach.

Common themes we work on with players include:

  • Transitioning to a new club or contract
  • Building and maintaining confidence after a move, injury or setback
  • The personal impact of living away from your partner/children
  • Retirement planning after football
  • Self worth and the link to addictive behaviours
  • The pressure to fit in and live a lifestyle people expect

Player’s partners often value support around:

  • Relationships and Parenting
  • Entrepreneurial challenges, including founding and developing a business
  • Media and public scrutiny
  • Enhancing confidence and developing greater authenticity
  • Overcoming perfectionism and letting go of what others think

Our service is tailored to your needs, so please get in touch to discuss how we can support you.